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Yes, always. Because of the relationship inherent between client and agency and our team, we do our best to scope a project so that there is no need to issue a change order. So long as we are delivering to the agreed-upon scope of work, there will be no extra fees. If the scope of work does happen to change during the project, we will talk with you to understand the new scope and provide new estimates.

At White Label IQ, there are no contract duration terms. However, if a contract is cancelled mid-project, we will bill for work done, but any work not completed will not be billed for.

There is no minimum duration or commitment for our contracts.

We do require project authorizations before starting a project. These help set any conditions, establish clear expectations, and help us ensure the agreed-upon scope is met.

For ad-hoc projects, we also provide this agreement to ensure there are clear expectations between both parties.

Yes. We keep records of all the agreements we have in place. For ad-hoc agreements, we keep line-item recordings of all time entries, which we can provide on a regular basis.

It is our mission to take work off your plate and make the entire process as smooth as possible. To do this, we ensure all requirements are communicated to our team at the beginning of each project so we can properly scope and meet them. This helps maintain proper timelines and an easy transition to our dev team where they can also meet any established milestones.

While there is no reimbursement system for errors, we can assure you that we will address the error, fix it, and make sure you are satisfied with the changes at our own expense.

We’re here to serve and meet changing needs. We will take on new skillsets to meet evolving demands. And, if your needs ever do change, we’re always open to a conversation to see how we can help support you.

Simply put, if we make a mistake, we take care of it. We will address the problem as soon as possible and will not issue any fees to fix a mistake that we created. All of this will be communicated to you promptly, as we understand that you too have a client to answer to. Plus, we will always check back to ensure issues are addressed completely.

We always want to make sure we’re providing the service our clients expect and that there is satisfaction with all deliverables.

To address any problems that may arise, we hold regular conversations with your team and strive for continuous improvements to our processes and QA system.

However, it is our company guarantee that a full refund is issued if you’re not satisfied with the work as set forth in the agreement. This self-imposed expectation helps ensure we are addressing problems as they arise.

We make training available to our employees so that they are able to continue their education and keep up with the evolving world of digital service. We have brought on consultants when the occasion calls for it and utilize an online learning platform: It is our agency expectation that team members and vendors alike stay up-to-date with best practices.

This varies by organization. Some clients are looking for very dedicated support, while our team at White Label IQ acts as your development team. Our process includes time to onboard so we can understand how we’ll work best together and the varying needs you have.

Your account oversight will happen through:

  • US-based Account Executives
  • Digital Project Managers

Your project development will be overseen by:

  • Project Managers
  • QA Specialists
  • Members employed to monitor the project and ensure proper QA throughout

Primarily, you’ll be working with an individual Account Manager/Project Manager. For the actual digital execution, it depends upon the request. Since we provide very specialized skillsets, each project will touch different departments. Within those, individuals report to the Digital Project Manager to ensure a single point of contact. With complex projects, we will bring in the dev team to make sure we are understanding and scoping projects adequately.

This depends on the type of work.

For some clients, we are their direct digital agency, which requires multiple meetings per week to ensure statuses and needs are being communicated and met.

For project-based relationships, we make sure to set expectations and milestones, but are always available to provide incremental statuses throughout the project. Plus, when we do set a timeline, we deliver to it.

For either scenario, if there are changes or updates that come up in the timeline, we make to clearly communicate that to you early in the process.

At the very beginning of a project, we make sure to define the scope of work through initial discovery conversations. From there, we make sure to understand the requirements, and even before execution, we meet with the company to ensure we have a full understanding of what is expected from our team. This all happens via regular communication and updates, as well as a clear timeline and ongoing project milestone reviews.

We have a number of securities in place.

  • Secure password transmission
  • Our servers are constantly monitored and updated via on staff system administrators
  • We also have NDA’s and non-compete agreements in place with all of our employees

Here, we understand your agency pain points and the need for more bandwidth and skillsets, as well as the ability to capture more work rather than leaving money on the table.

By wholesaling our digital services, we pass saving onto you. This allows you to double or even triple the amount you bring in compared to traditional outsource services.

Yes we do. However, due to being a white label resource, they are anonymous. We utilize non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and take them very seriously. On some occasions, we do have clients that are willing to provide referrals as necessary.

White Label IQ has been providing digital services since 2018. Prior to that, our team had been providing digital expertise as part of our parent company since 2014.

We believe our approach is unique in two ways:

First, we only work with marketing agencies. And, because White Label IQ was borne from a 33+ year marketing agency, we understand the relationships and complexity that comes with working with clients, as well as how you wish to be represented via white labeling.

Second, we offer a hybrid offshoring model. With American-based Account Executives and offshore Digital Project Managers, we’re able to deliver the benefits of offshore resourcing while also working on your schedule and understanding your complex needs.

As part of how we work with Agencies, we provide fixed cost estimates to allow agencies to confidently establish pricing with their clients. We have committed to completing the scope of work even if we exceed our estimates or miss quote the project. This puts the risk on White label IQ and hopefully gives agencies the confidence and trust needed to work with us. We don’t provide breakdowns of our fixed cost estimates as part of this.

For our blended rates, These are provided so we can be responsive and address issues that are typically less than two days worth of work. Also, when working under an hourly rate, we do our best to provide estimates and ranges for completion of the work, but ultimately the risk in these arrangements is with the client. Again, we do our best to hold to the estimated time, but finally, there are unknowns at times. This is also why we recommend limiting hourly engagements to projects less than two days’ worth of work.

In this context, we stand behind our work and limit change orders to times where the scope of work changes, but without fixed cost pricing, we will never come to you saying that the project is taking longer than we thought and it will cost more than what you communicated to your clients.