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The Marketing Tidal Wave (Part 2)

BY White Label IQ

Since this is a part two, we figure we should recap part one for any newcomers. Or, if you want, you can catch up with part one right here. Or here. No pressure… but it’s right here. No? Okay then, we’ll keep going.


The Marketing Tidal Wave is also known as the commoditization of production services. The issue that arises when highly specialized production work bogs down budgets and in-house team members. So, rather than outsource the creative, strategic, and production work, shops try to stay the course with everyone on board… but they’re being priced out. It’s been a long-standing problem for marketing firms around the world, and it’s only getting worse.

In part one, we discussed how our very own agency had to make do without our largest client and the daily struggle that presented. But, with some careful restructuring and a partnership that came in the form of a trusted offshore team, we were able to prosper again. It’s this experience we’re bringing to you and anyone with a similar tale. Not just to help you stay afloat, but to ride the wave with us.


First, let’s dispel some myths about offshore work. Just because these teams aren’t based in the U.S., doesn’t mean they work any less hard or produce any less quality work when it comes to design and development. I’m sure you’ve paid a boatload for a local freelancer only to find yourself wondering how it all went wrong. So, it’s not an international thing. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vet the work before you let it represent your own agency.

To get around misconceptions and to provide the type of communication you expect, white label agencies, just as we do, utilize US-based project managers that act as the liaison between your team and the international team. That means there are fewer communication barriers and misinterpretations to navigate. Not to mention, no messy international payment systems, and you’ll have accountability right next door. Well, maybe not next door. But much, much closer.


From company scaling to a breadth of capability offerings, white label services offer a nearly endless amount of benefits to agencies of all shapes and sizes. But rather than going on and on and on… we’d rather you heard it from someone who knows firsthand what the tidal wave can do, and how to ride it back to shore.

No matter which white label agency you go with, don’t forget, you’re not alone. white labeling has become a natural evolution of the traditional in-house and standalone agency model. So, don’t wait to reach out when you need help. You may just come out the other side with a better understanding of your own business, a tough deliverable off your back, or best of all, a partnership you can lean on long down the road.