Issue Reporting and Resolution Workflow

ISSUE REPORTED Step 1 Issue reported by client via Lariat/Email/Phone Call/Bugherd Acknowledge & record issue in Lariat/Bugherd Identify billing and payment method Testing: Dev Team tests locally and confirms fix Fix: Fix is implemented to Staging or Production Verify: Dev Team confirms fix in Lariat or Bugherd Client notified, reviews and confirms fix If rejected, then issue is reassigned to PM for further clarification If approved, issue is resolved and closed PM assesses issue in Lariat and ask questions as needed TRIAGE ASSIGNMENT Step 2 Assign triage team Estimate sent as needed or if possible Determine severity level & move into production queue VERIFY Step 3 Can Dev Team verify and replicate the issue? If no, ticket issue is rejected and reassigned to PM for further clarification or closure If yes (and if estimate is approved) issue continues to resolution RESOLUTION Step 4

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