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Do You Offer Discounts For Charities/nonprofits?

Good question. Call us and let’s talk. 970-617-2292

Typically, maintenance requires a full day of updates and testing. Once we’ve completed the site maintenance on our servers, we’ll send a link to you for approval. Once given the all-good, we’ll repeat the update on the live site during off hours.

If you’re already working with us, you will have a program manager. Here’s our contact information: 970-617-2292,

We recommend you give us full technical admin access prior to starting a contract with us. But if you haven’t done that, we’ll work together to get in there.

Then call us. Hurry! 970-617-2292

We utilize services to monitor the website for downtime. We are only actively monitoring the site during the monthly maintenance period.

Contact us and we can provide ad hoc support and troubleshoot the issues as necessary. You can find someone here:  970-617-2292

A custom plan is modified to account for your site needs. Typically necessary for large and multi-functional sites, our custom plans cover complex functionality and device testing, API integrations, and higher levels of quality assurance (and more!). We create custom checklists—specific to your site’s functionality needs—and like always, test and update on separate servers. 

We do, for more complex websites. Those will be quoted as they come in. A custom plan means a custom quote. Give us a call if you want to talk shop: 970-617-2292

Nope. We provide maintenance programs for other CMS’s, as well as maintenance programs for mobile applications and SaaS platforms. These are all custom programs, so you’d have to contact us to put together a custom plan. Which isn’t as scary as it sounds. 

No. But our basic maintenance program does require hosting on our managed server. If that’s not for you—and that’s totally cool—your plan will be upgraded to account for additional work. Give us a call if you want to walk through that: 970-617-2292.

Yep. It’s still your baby; we’re just the babysitter. You’ll have full access to wherever hosting platform we all agree on. We do ask for full admin access to your server and your site, so we can be sure to complete the updates and take care of any issues as we have to.

Our maintenance only entails keeping your site secure, updated, and monitored for critical issues. It does not include ad hoc support and content changes. We can provide quotes for any additional changes or updates that you’d like made. If you want site development support, look at our ad hoc programs.

We do not define maintenance as content changes. It’s strictly keeping your site up to date and secure on a regular schedule. If you believe your program will require regular edits, take a look at our ad hoc agreement

It’s because we take extra steps during maintenance to avoid downtime. Taking your site offline to perform updates and testing means your site will never be in maintenance mode and inaccessible to the public. Here’s the full scope of what we do

Monthly and quarterly.

We bill in the same month that maintenance is executed. The standard maintenance program is once a month. Depending upon client needs, we can do quarterly maintenance. 

Why yes, yes we do. Here is the basic template we use and we encourage you to provide the same contract to your client/end-user. That way, we’re all in alignment on what’s expected. 

No, sorry. If you want your site checked monthly, we recommend a monthly maintenance program. 

Our standard cadence is once a month. We will provide a schedule and notify you before maintenance begins. We try to do it at the same time every month, but there will undoubtedly be slight changes over time (think: weekends, holidays, etc). 

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