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White Label Templated Web Development for Agencies

Inside the Box

Simple, strong, effective!

Templated Websites: More
Diversity. More Opportunity.

If web development is like navigating a network, then templates are like maps. They help you avoid dead ends and pitfalls, ensuring a smooth journey to your destination… a fully functional, elegant website.

Built to accommodate when the requirements are simple, a templated site is a strong, cost-effective solution that offers diversity in layouts and provides ample opportunity to present the client’s brand in a meaningful way.

So if your clients are satisfied with a good, clean site that functions well, templated development is the way to go.

When to Fit

Yourself Into
the Template’s

If your client is just happy to be alive on the web, and the requirements of the build are simple, then a templated site is a strong, cost-effective solution.

This option allows you to give the clients exactly what they need: a functional website with no overselling of features or mods and no additional time.

Benefits of


Faster Profits With
Fast Turnaround

Clients often rush to launch their websites on the web so that their businesses could thrive early. Templates work great with it, as with the help of one, websites are delivered quickly bringing in early profits for you and your clients.

Easy Plug-and-play for
Minimal Client Assistance

Templates can be installed and activated easily, making them a convenient and user-friendly solution for your clients who are not tech-savvy, allowing them to perform a majority of administrative tasks with minimal assistance.

Get to Phase 2 Quickly

The development phase for templated websites is quick and easy as designs are pre-built, so we can quickly jump on to phase 2. This way, the entire project just speeds up, and your clients get the results early.

Affordable Website
Maintenance for Security

Templated development just follows a simple and consistent architecture throughout the project making it a popular choice. So the process of web maintenance, like security updates and patches, can become highly affordable for your clients in the future.

Simple Backend for
Client Autonomy

Templates don’t have that complex backend structure, so your clients neither need to explicitly learn the technical aspects nor to train their staff. They just need to understand the basics of how it works so they can manage their website and users easily.

Budget Friendly

As templated development already uses pre-built themes, they neither require a lot of resources and time nor to go through any complex processes. They are the ideal choice if your clients are looking for faster turnarounds and budget-friendly websites.

with a White
Label Web

Is your team flooded with tasks and the clients just keep rushing in with their requirements? Often saving time and going live quickly is more important but such projects can disrupt your team’s workflow even if it’s just about templates.

You want your clients to have a professional-looking website even at lower costs and a white label outsource partner like us can help you with our team of specialists having the necessary skillsets and experience needed to succeed.

This collaboration paves the way for your agency’s growth, providing you with more time and resources to excel in your area of expertise.

Simple | Affordable | Professional. How?

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