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Dedicated & Blended Development Teams for Agencies

Dedicated Teams to Up

Saas Game

Dedicated Yet Blended.
Global Yet Hybrid.
And Specialized.

When Do You Need a

Dedicated Resources Model?

Lack Of Expertise

Are clients coming to you with new product development requests? Has your team ever created a commercial product? Your current team may be aware of the know-how but not experienced in the pitfalls of product development.

Limited Resources

Are you flooded with new project demands from your clients? As an agency, you want to grab them all. After all, there’s money on the table. But due to limited bandwidth, your team’s focus is divided.

Scalability Issues

Are your decisions based on your team’s capabilities or your client’s needs? You have to be able to move your team around as needed. For that, you need to have a larger team. The ability to scale as needed will pave the way for your success.

Lack of Clarity

Excited to get your client’s product ready? But is your team prepared? Do they truly understand the priorities? Are they working on what’s important? Are they hitting the roadblocks and making the right decisions? Do YOU know what they’re doing?

Experience the Power of


Blended Teams

We have developers. We have designers. We have an entire team of specialists. You can have them all—at the cost of 1.

We, being your Strategic Partners, bring a team of experts, with a diverse range of skills and expertise, to the equation. Our blended team can give you the ability to make the right decisions for your success.

Our Hybrid

Having teams on opposite sides of the globe can make it difficult to communicate and get the work done. Many agencies still struggle to do so. We, however, have cracked the code.

Working with us, you coordinate with account executives right here in the US while we provide global team coordination with cost-effective and high-quality work. This model allows us to work closely with you while ensuring 100% productivity.


Eliminate the need for an in-house expert for infrequent tasks. Our diversely skilled blended teams come with an on-demand System Administrator.

Our blended team will take care of all your product’s server architecture, operations, and system administration tasks that occur during the development lifecycle. Ensuring that the end product has the security and performance needed to meet your client’s needs.

Comprehensive Documentation

How would it feel if you went on an adventure without a map? Functional documentation acts like a map of your product to show you where you’re going next.

It helps everyone to keep track of your product’s functionalities and its journey so far. It adds value to the project by keeping everyone aware of all the priorities and the details of the complex logic, making the platform more valuable when the client takes it out for sale.


Changes in requirements are a part of the development process. But what follows could be scary. Difficulty in adapting… Inefficient communication… Lack of transparency.

We provide agile management to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on the progress and direction of the project. So, even with changing requirements of your clients, you will be able to deliver the project sprints with timely releases.

Staffing Solutions

Developing a product? You need to be able to move your team around. Juggle the focus from development to designing to system administration and so on.

You need a large and flexible development team—a full package. But your roadmap is focused, and you can’t keep everyone utilized every time. Which is why we’re here to offer a fully skilled and highly experienced blended team. So work with us, and you pay for 100% productivity.


Going through the project, you constantly come across bugs. It can be like an Inception of opportunities and problems. With time… you forget as you lose focus and direction.

Our team of experienced professionals has the skills and knowledge to prioritize and organize your workload in a productive manner, ensuring that your projects don’t go off track and stay on time and within budget.

Is Key

We know how important it is to have transparency while working on the project. So here’s a look at the communication plan we follow to deliver your client’s product on time and in line with their requirements:

  • Priority list for streamlined project management.
  • Launch plan for smooth production releases.
  • Daily standup meetings to stay accountable and in touch.
  • Meeting notes to keep track of important discussions.
  • Daily written updates to keep you informed.
  • Client demos before production releases to address any concerns.
  • Tools like Slack and Jira/Confluence to keep everything organized.

Experience With


Our proficiency in different technologies and skill sets allows us to cater to a wide range of your client’s needs and provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Our Technologies

Adobe XD Sketch Figma Balsamiq HTML 5 jQuery Bootstrap Angular.js Vue.js React.js Laravel Joomla Yii Framework Symfony Python Ruby on Rails Node.js MySQL PostgreSQL Swift Kotlin Flutter Java

Our Skill Sets

Account Managers Account Managers
Project Managers Project Managers
Business Analysts Business Analysts
Designers Designers
CMS Developers CMS Developers
Front End Developers Front End Developers
Back End Developers Back End Developers
Database Administrators Database Administrators
Mobile App Developers Mobile App Developers
Quality Analysts Quality Analysts
Data Analysts Data Analysts
System Administrators System Administrators
System Administrators Video Animators
System Administrators SEO Specialists

We’re the Missing Piece in Your SaaS Puzzle. How?

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