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Meet Our Team of Experts

Meet Our


Of talented and dedicated professionals.


Jim Huebner Jim Huebner
Jim Huebner


Brian Gerstner Brian Gerstner
Brian Gerstner


Nishant Rana Nishant Rana
Nishant Rana

Chief Operating Officer

Jeannette Bierman Jeannette Bierman
Jeannette Bierman

Director of Digital Operations

Dawn Cuckler Dawn Cuckler
Dawn Cuckler

Director of Finance + Administration

Abby Carey Abby Carey
Abby Carey

Director of Paid Media

Manthan Rana Manthan Rana
Manthan Rana

Systems Director

Aagna Paneri Aagna Paneri
Aagna Paneri

Director of Development

Pravin Kanzariya Pravin Kanzariya
Pravin Kanzariya

Director of Development

Jay Panchal Jay Panchal
Jay Panchal

Creative Director

Purvi Pandya Purvi Pandya
Purvi Pandya

Director of Human Resources

Helly Shah Helly Shah
Helly Shah

HR Executive

Client Services

Caitlin Reale Caitlin Reale
Caitlin Reale

Digital Project Manager

Jessica Wagner Jessica Wagner
Jessica Wagner

Digital Project Manager

Melanie Stilwell Melanie Stilwell
Melanie Stilwell

Finance + Admin Assistant

Ellen Thomas Ellen Thomas
Ellen Thomas

Digital Project Manager

Hiten Upadhyay Hiten Upadhyay
Hiten Upadhyay

Digital Project Manager

Nitesh Sharma Nitesh Sharma
Nitesh Sharma

Business Analyst

Kamal Singh Kamal Singh
Kamal Singh

Business Analyst


Mehul Gohel Mehul Gohel
Mehul Gohel

UI/UX Designer

Vijay Jadav Vijay Jadav
Vijay Jadav

Graphic Designer

Harsh Kothadiya Harsh Kothadiya
Harsh Kothadiya

Graphic Designer


Bhaskar Modh Bhaskar Modh
Bhaskar Modh

Frontend Team Lead

Kamlesh Kanzariya Kamlesh Kanzariya
Kamlesh Kanzariya

Senior Frontend Developer

Rakesh Gadara Rakesh Gadara
Rakesh Gadara

Frontend Developer

Vijay Salvi Vijay Salvi
Vijay Salvi

Frontend Developer

Himanshu Patel Himanshu Patel
Himanshu Patel

Frontend Developer

Mohanlal Thakur Mohanlal Thakur
Mohanlal Thakur

Frontend Developer

Monali Prajapati Monali Prajapati
Monali Prajapati

Frontend Developer

Shrujal Patel Shrujal Patel
Shrujal Patel

Frontend Developer

Jaimin Patel Jaimin Patel
Jaimin Patel

Frontend Developer

Ritesh Kshatriya Ritesh Kshatriya
Ritesh Kshatriya

Frontend Developer

Dhaval Shah Dhaval Shah
Dhaval Shah

Frontend Developer

Yuvraj Singh Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Frontend Developer

Pramit Sawant Pramit Sawant
Pramit Sawant

Vue.js Developer

Prajwal Dessai Prajwal Dessai
Prajwal Dessai

Vue.js Developer

Pratibha Barad Pratibha Barad
Pratibha Barad

Vue.js Developer


Ashish Gaur Ashish Gaur
Ashish Gaur

Senior Laravel + Api Developer

Nikunj Bhimani Nikunj Bhimani
Nikunj Bhimani

PHP Developer

Nimisha Joshi Nimisha Joshi
Nimisha Joshi

PHP Developer

Abhijit Biswas Abhijit Biswas
Abhijit Biswas

PHP Developer

Pratik Bharadava Pratik Bharadava
Pratik Bharadava

PHP Developer

Nitin Sangar Nitin Sangar
Nitin Sangar

Laravel Developer

Bhargav Jambukiya Bhargav Jambukiya
Bhargav Jambukiya

Android Developer

Quality Analyst

Nikunj Bhalodia Nikunj Bhalodia
Nikunj Bhalodia

Senior Quality Analyst

Tarang Chokshi Tarang Chokshi
Tarang Chokshi

Senior Quality Analyst

Nandni Jadhav Nandni Jadhav
Nandni Jadhav

QA Team Lead

Akash Patel Akash Patel
Akash Patel

Quality Analyst

Srushti Gandhi Srushti Gandhi
Srushti Gandhi

Quality Analyst

Shishupal Dagde Shishupal Dagde
Shishupal Dagde

Quality Analyst

Mahendra Baku Mahendra Baku
Mahendra Baku

Quality Analyst

Ashoksinh Zala Ashoksinh Zala
Ashoksinh Zala

Quality Analyst

Riya Patel Riya Patel
Riya Patel

Quality Analyst


Manan Rana Manan Rana
Manan Rana

Digital Marketing Specialist

Deepak Ravtani Deepak Ravtani
Deepak Ravtani

Brand Strategist

Khyati Gajjar Khyati Gajjar
Khyati Gajjar

SEO Analyst

Rushi Shah Rushi Shah
Rushi Shah

SEO Analyst

Punit Panjvani Punit Panjvani
Punit Panjvani

SEO Analyst

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