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White Label Mobile App Development Services for Agencies

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Connect with your customers while
they’re on the move.

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Role of mobile apps in driving a business’ growth.

Mobile apps can make your clients a leader in their industry. They help your clients take their brand directly into the palms of their customers.

They allow sharing push notifications so the customers can engage with the brand on a more personal level.

Establishing healthy relationships with customers might seem tough. What if your clients knew about all their behavioral preferences?

A mobile app makes it possible so your clients can provide them with the unique and personalized experience that they deserve.

Mobile apps can facilitate smooth transactions for customers by enabling them to make purchases or book appointments directly from the app.

Your clients can also send targeted marketing messages for special deals and promotions.

Communication is key. And a platform for staying connected online as well as offline with customers is what your clients desire.

A mobile app can help your clients easily connect with them wherever they are and serve as a platform for customer service and support.

Make your clients’ products and services easily accessible to their customers, and also facilitate offline access to their company’s content or services.

Your clients can also keep them happy with the help of satisfaction surveys and rewards/loyalty programs.


For Success

How can White Label IQ help
you and your clients?

Technical Expertise

Your clients want to have a high-quality and innovative mobile app that sets them apart from their competitors.

With White Label IQ’s team of experienced developers and their knowledge and expertise in mobile development, you can stay assured that your clients will get the best in mobile development expertise.

Time and Resources

Your clients may want you to build a mobile app. You want to say yes, but a project like this could be a huge distraction for your agency.

Our large and flexible in-house team, spread across the globe, allows us to take care of mobile development for you so you can grow your business and focus on where you create value… coming up with new strategies and communicating with your clients.


Your client wants their business to stay ahead of the technology curve, for which they need a technologically advanced mobile app.

White Label IQ’s team of specialists always keeps up with the latest technologies and trends in mobile development, so you can be sure that your client’s mobile app will always stay up-to-date with cutting-edge technology.


Your clients look up to you as a problem solver, but they are often big on dreams and tight on budget.

When outsourcing with White Label IQ, you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get quality results. We help you cut down costs and keep your margins secure. So your clients can receive a top-quality mobile app at a cost-effective price.


Your clients could be coming up to you with complex app development projects. Maybe it’s new waters for you. But you don’t want to let go of the opportunity.

With White Label IQ as your strategic partner, you can grow your service offerings and explore new areas of work without worrying about creating huge in-house and fixed costs for your business.

Our Step-by-step approach

Research & Analysis

This phase involves researching the market, the target audience, and the competition to gather the information that will inform the design and development of the app.

Technical Specification Document

This document details the technical requirements of the app, including the technology stack and any third-party integrations.


We create a preliminary model of a mobile app to visualize the layout, test its usability and gather feedback.


The next step is to create the visual design of the app, including the layout, color scheme, and branding elements.


Next, we bring your app to life by crafting the code and seamlessly integrating all the exciting features and functionalities that you’ve envisioned.


The app undergoes rigorous and thorough testing, ensuring that it’s bug-free and fully compatible with a range of devices and platforms.


After the app is tested and any necessary changes are made, it is submitted to the app stores for approval and made available for download.

Maintenance & Updates

It is imperative that the application undergoes regular maintenance and upgrades to address any technical issues, security patches, and updates.

Mobile App Development

We Offer

Android App Development

Java Kotlin

iOS App Development

Swift Swift UI

Cross-platform App Development

React.js Flutter

Development Environments

Android Studio Xcode Visual Studio Code

Backend & Database

Node.js Ruby on Rails Firebase MySQL

Testing & Debugging Tools

Appium XCUITest Espresso


Google Maps Facebook Twitter


TestFlight HockeyApp

Our Expertise:

Your Engine
of Growth

Our way of working is different as we come from an agency background, and so we understand agencies. This might be a one-and-off opportunity or a long steady work; we are here to help level out the ups and downs of your agency life.

Let’s explore our variety of simple to advanced mobile app options—you can select based on client needs, budget, and other key considerations.

Going Places With Mobile. How?

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