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Top 10 Must-have WordPress Plugins in 2022

BY White Label IQ

Certain WordPress plugins can swiftly help individuals, groups or businesses build and maintain their websites while avoiding repetitive tasks.

If you have a website for your business or manage websites for businesses, we have prepared a list of 10 WordPress plugins that will simplify your life. We’ll start with an introduction about plugins.

What are Plugins? How do they Help You?

Plugins are life savers. There are 835 million websites on WordPress. And those based on have access to plugins that optimize the online experience.

Suppose you looked at all the available font options on the WordPress font list, but none of them impress you enough. Now what? You can download the Adobe font plugin to get access to a staggering 23k+ list of fonts. Likewise, the tables, analytics and mail lists can all be created, maintained and used using these plugins.

It would be a lengthy read to include all the data on all the available plugins in a single article. Therefore, we have come up with the top-10 plugins that will help you streamline your functions for the better. Let’s get started!

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Website

1. WP Forms: The Contact Forms

This contact form plugin is a drag-and-drop online form-building tool that enables users to create contacts, online orders, email subscriptions, payments forums, polls, surveys and other forms.

As it is drag-and-drop, one can easily generate the forms in a little amount of time. Pricing at $39.50/ year, WP Forms provide the below features:

  • Pre-built templates to create contact forms
  • Smart conditional logic allows you to show/hide form fields/sections based on user behavior
  • Multi-page forms to enhance user experience
  • Geolocation option to display user’s location information
  • Surveys & polls functionality to create as well as analyze user response
WP Forms
2. Yoast SEO: Start Ranking Your Site

There are more than a few checkboxes we need to tick off as we step into the SEO game. Hence, when you want to rank your site on the browsers, you need to rock your meta description, keywords, readability and titles. It sure looks like a lot of work (and it is), but Yoast SEO is here to help.

Pricing from FREE to $99/year, the Yoast SEO plugin appears on all your web pages you create and helps you optimize those pages to eventually help your website rank higher.

It’s critical to have SEO-friendly websites and content, so this plugin is too beneficial to be overlooked.

3: WP Rocket: The Need for Speed

Google reported that 53% of the users left the website because it took more than three seconds for the website to be loaded on their mobile devices.

The world is advancing, and the audience’s attention span is lowering. So you need a plugin to help you load your website faster on any browser. WP Rocket is that plugin for WordPress websites.

WP Rocket costs $49 annually, and users also get a 14-day Money Back Guarantee. This looks like a fair price to keep the audience on your website for a year, doesn’t it?

WP Rocket
4. WordFence: The WordPress Security Plugin

With the internet arriving in its golden age, hackers have swarmed up, too. Hence, website security and malicious traffic blocking have become a top priority. WordFence puts up a firewall to save the website from malicious attackers and 24/7 service with one-hour response time makes it a go-to solution for the security of the WordPress website.

Costing around $99/year for the premium plan, the plugin is also available for free with limited facilities. So go ahead and safeguard your website by detecting the newest malwares and blocking the IP addresses that make an ill presence on other WordPress websites.

WP Beginner
5. Contact Form 7: Oldest Contact Forms Plugin

Users and customers feel more connected to the brand when emails and other messages they receive are customized and relevant.

What can help you do that?: Contact Form7. Do you know what’s even better? It is free and also provides the CAPTCHA feature to filter out spam.

WordPress Contact Form
6. WooCommerce: The E-commerce Plugin for WordPress

This free plugin for e-commerce websites can only be used in the paid version of WordPress. However, nearly 9% of all websites use WooCommerce and it has 23% of the total ecommerce global market share. In addition, the WooCommerce plugin supports 66 languages worldwide.

In the free version of WooCommerce, you can estimate the shipping costs and taxes. In addition, most credit cards are accepted, and online money transfers and payments like PayPal and bank transfers are available along with the CoD facility.

What’s great about WooCommerce is it’s very flexible in terms of customization options. Apart from the built-in settings, many developers built a community around it and created extensions that further help online retail proceed as smoothly as possible.

Other features include a wide array of themes available and other options such as email messaging about abandoned carts, along with a one-page payment capability.

7. UpdraftPlus: Backup, Restore, Migrate Swiftly

Once you have the UpdraftPlus plugin installed on WordPress, like the other 3 million currently active installs, your data can be uploaded to cloud storage to restore your website or simply migrate your WordPress website to different platforms.

You can use the free plugin or get the personal UpdraftPlus plan that will cost you $70/year, giving you the option to backup, restore or migrate data for two websites.

Updraft Plus
8. Sucuri: The Security Spree

Sucuri is a great plugin that takes your traffic to their proxy and then readdresses it to your website to identify any suspicious visitors trying to target your website.

Not only is your traffic filtered, but the website gets faster due to the firewall. Also, you save money as the server load gets lowered significantly.



The basic Sucuri plan costs you $199.99/year and goes up to $499.99/year for the Business platform. One of its major benefits is the faster removal of malware.

9. WPML: Siding The Language Barriers

By default, WordPress does not allow you to easily create a multilingual website. This is a challenge for businesses that cater to a multilingual customer base in different geographic locations.

But you can remove that barrier. You can translate the webpages, posts, menus, theme texts, taxonomy and custom types with WPML. WPML stands for WordPress Multilingual plugin.

WPML costs $39/year and $99/year for the website. You can also choose to go with the plan that lets you handle the multilingual functionality for multiple websites if you work as an agency. That would cost you around $199/year.

10. WP All Import: Drag & Drop The Catalogs

With a simple interface and the drag-and-drop functionality, the WP All Import plugin provides the luxury of importing your large-sized catalogs directly to your ecommerce websites.

The basic plan for the plugin costs $149 for the lifetime, and the number of websites isn’t limited. With such exciting and attractive features, the WP All Import plugin is a leading contender for being one of the best in the WordPress family.

WP All Import
Wrapping Up

Okay! We’ll leave you now with these plugins to simplify your life, and we’ll cover more of them down the road. Let us know in the comments if you have questions about any WordPress plugins.

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