White Label Marketing

Is It Right for Your Business? (Part 2)

BY White Label | March 8, 2019

A few questions down, just a few more to go. If you missed the first blog on white labeling your digital marketing services and want to read more, head over to part one.

Without further ado, ask yourself:
  • Is there enough bandwidth in the day to deliver on projects?
  • More often than not, are clients frustrated when projects aren’t delivered as requested?
  • Am I continuously paying for less than 100% utilization?

If you think any of this sounds familiar, then you’re a white label candidate. So, let’s explore each one just a tad more.

Is there enough bandwidth in the day to deliver on projects?

Bandwidth, bandwidth, bandwidth. The bane of our existence, but the bread and butter of any quality white label team. While you may be stretching your crew thin, eating all meals at your desk, and dreaming of emails when you get the chance to sleep, there are teams of professionals willing to take this burden off your back.

If you’re already thinking, “Even if I outsource the work, there are only so many hours in the day,” well, you’d be right. But that’s perfectly fine.

Because while your team sleeps, the white label team gets to work. All the excess late nights and missed meals are out of sight, out of mind.

More often than not, are clients frustrated when projects aren’t delivered as requested?

We know how it goes; you find a perfect freelancer for the job, they are skilled, experienced, and eager to help. You agree to the deadline, sign the contract, and wait for the finished product. Or, at the very least, the 95% finished product. The day comes, you look at the freelancer’s work, and your stomach drops. They misinterpreted the project brief. They gave you a flashy site, but there was no useful web development behind the scenes. They delivered one polished logo when you needed three for the client to review. They zigged when they should’ve zagged.

Since there’s no way you can charge the client for this, your company takes the hit.

Meanwhile, white label companies do the employee vetting for you. They’ve hired, tested, proofed, provided direction, and given the stamp of approval before the deliverable ever hits your desk. And with the guesswork gone, your client won’t be.

More so, a white label team is just that—a team. They’re not typically a group of freelancers, which means they work together in the same office with the ability to collaborate. White label teams are comprised of specialists who do what they do best on a daily basis, rather than generalists who give you the bare minimum. And these specialists work in design, HTML, animation, WordPress, eCommerce, PHP, iOS app development, Android development, etc.—all with an ability to specialize at-scale to your advantage.

Am I continuously paying for less than 100% utilization?

Utilization just may be the most important part to all this. And what do we mean by utilization?

Pretend you’ve just hired one digital specialist.

Let’s say they have an average salary of $85,000 per year.

And their benefits cost roughly $10,200 for that same year.

Factor in vacations, breaks, seminars, travel time, daily meetings, etc.

You’re probably utilizing them at around 50% for about $91.54 an hour.

Now, imagine you’ve partnered with a White Label team.

The average salary you pay covers an entire team at a fraction of the cost… say $45 an hour.

Now ignore benefits, because that’s being covered by them.

And don’t factor in anything else, because it doesn’t apply.

You just got yourself 100% utilization without all the baggage.

With a white label resource, you only pay for productivity. Your budget covers the expense of the work done and nothing more. See? Utilization is pretty important.

Now, borrowing from part one as well, let’s recap what white label can bring to the table:
  • The ability to say yes to new, complicated projects outside your niche
  • Deliverables that meet the quality expectations of your clients
  • A quick and reliable way to bring on experienced staff members
  • The luxury to perform fast client turnaround requests
  • A trusted group of team members rather than various freelancers
  • 100% utilization of your team, your hours, and your budget

And that’s just a taste. Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to outsourcing your digital marketing services. More often than not, if there’s a skill you need to complete a project, there’s a white label group capable of handling it for you… for a fraction of the cost.