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Agency Life

Recession ready staffing
Recession-ready Staffing

A good place to recession-proof a marketing agency is with staffing. Continue to invest in your all-star employees and work towards retaining them.

Hiring a Web-dev Team

An agency and its team line-up will vary, and there are many wild cards to consider. So here’s a high-altitude overview of what a web-dev team might look like.

Success Story
User Stories; Success Stories

A web-development outsource partner provides marketing agencies with a transparent, variable, pass-along staffing cost. And also frees the agency from the hairball of staff and project management. That’s two nice benefits. Breaking it down in more detail… 01 The agency is only paying wholesale for outsourced development talent, whatever talent it needs, whenever it’s needed… […]

Technical Debt
Staying Out of (Technical) Debt

If there was a website titled, one could obviously visit and see some really nice photos and probably read the name of each species. An electronic brochure… instead of printed on paper, it’s online. That’s one way to handle it. The input data for that website would include the pictures plus the names tied […]

The Math for CEOs: Web-Dev and FTE

Math is a way of proving that certain things are true. And that’s a nice shelter in a storm because much of what we have to deal with in our day-to-day is often quite murky. And nothing is murkier than web development. For starters, it’s done in code. You can’t see what you’re doing. It’s […]

Creative Value and All that Jazz

In a well-known 1997 monologue, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, waxes on about the company’s new ad campaign The Crazy Ones. He prefaces a preview of the related TV spot, below (paraphrased): The Apple brand has suffered from neglect. The way to bring it back is not to talk about speeds and fees. Not bits and […]

Agency Good Process
The Process of a Good Process

Beyond the anecdotal references, here are some field-tested, common-sense ways that agency owners develop, and improve processes to create a good process.

Outsourcing as a Labor of Love

Partnerships can rein in expenses, add value and keep AGI in a happy place. Let’s face it. Outsourcing can help turn labor costs into a labor of love.

Pull The Plug Commonly
When to Pull the Plug

At times, marketing agency owners have to pull the plug on their partnerships. Maybe it’s a troublesome vendor… a hard-to-please client… or an undependable employee.

Agency Audit Insider Survey
Agency Audit Insider: Survey Segmentation

Check out this four minute read and know about how segmentation makes agency audit research survey data usable and strategic.

Survey Strategy
Agency Audit Insider: Survey Strategy

All agencies are different in some way but may touch a host of common hot buttons. Know the strategic advantages delivered by the annual agency audit survey.

Partner Relationships
Trust in Client-Partner Relationships

Trust acts as the main factor to unite all three—client, agency, partner. This unity results in a partnership achieve the next big thing together.

Closer To Clients
Bringing Partners Closer to Clients.

The great majority of marketing agencies—83 percent—report that they engage with partners to support client work beyond their scope or capacity.*

New Project
Is Outsourcing Just Throwing it Over the Wall?

Outsourcing relates to the ROI of leveraging staffers properly in the marketing agency business. So when it comes to web-dev, is outsourcing simply a handoff?

Agency Marketing Business
How to Scale a Marketing Agency Business

Hills and valleys are not just a landscape. But a metaphor for life. And it’s even how some might describe Wavy Lay’s Potato Chips.

Jack Or Jill Outsourcing
Jack or Jill or Outsourcing?

Which one should you go for? And, Why? Read on as we discuss web development and the various skill sets that come in handy for full-scale DevOps.

Digital Transformation
To Scale Up or Stay Lean for DX (Digital Transformation).

The talent, expertise and ability to communicate the technicalities with clients can either be in-house or outsourced. Read on to know if you should staff up or outsource for Digital Transformation.

Outsourcing Agency Inhouse
In-House or Outsource?

WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOUR SITE? For CEOs of major corporations to entrepreneurs just getting their start, it’s a question as old as time itself. “Who should tackle my marketing plan?” Okay, maybe this wasn’t as big a concern for cavemen, but then again, someone had to pitch why fire SHOULD be played within certain cases. When […]

Official Outsourcing Infographic
The Official Outsourcing Infographic Make the Best of Both Worlds

As professional outsourcers, we felt it was time to offer advice for making the best of any new, or ongoing, outsource relationships.

Account Management
Conversations During Quarantine Outsourcing with R.C in Account Management

Follow the principles mentioned to keep clients happy in this quarantine. A detailed conversation on how to keep parties happy with strict budget and diverse expectations.

Creative Direction
Conversations During Quarantine Outsourcing with B.G in Creative Direction

Tips for making the most out of your outsourcing. Conversations during Quarantine that help you track your project status across the globe.

Project Management
Conversation During Quarantine Outsourcing with J.B. in Project Management

Outsourcing is not an end-all solution. It requires rules and procedures that must be adhered to by all teams involved. And it’s a PM’s job to steer it all.

Art Director
Conversation During Quarantine Outsourcing with A.K. the Art Director

Finding creative solutions to daily work problems. Here’s conversation during Quarantine: Outsourcing with A.K. The Art Director about handling new projects.

Increase Productivity
Increase Productivity for a Better Agency Life

We try to sum up our thoughts on the digital age of productivity while offering some tips for getting back to work when you need to.

Marketing Tidal Wave
The Marketing Tidal Wave (Part 2)

No matter which white-label agency you go with, don’t forget, you’re not alone. White labeling has become a natural evolution of the traditional in-house and standalone agency model.

Marketing Tidal Wave
The Marketing Tidal Wave (Part 1)

We’re finding that a typical agency can make 40% more profit when they use a white label service, then mark up the production services.

White label Marketing
Is It Right for Your Business? (Part 2)

Is there enough bandwidth in the day to deliver on the projects? Ask the right questions to understand hiring in-house staff or outsourcing it.

White label Marketing
Is It Right for Your Business? (Part 1)

Ask the right questions to yourself to understand pipeline of future work capable of supporting new full-time in-house staff.