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When to Pull the Plug

Unfortunately, marketing agency owners sometimes have to pull the plug on its partnership relationships. Maybe it’s a troublesome vendor… a hard-to-please client… or an undependable employee. It’s a hassle. Would be nice to avoid it but typically, should’ve been done sooner. When it comes to partnerships with a web development outsource, we’re pointing out some of the red flags to look for today. So you don’t get too far down the wrong path, too fast.

How Many Web-Dev Partners Are Optimal?

WordPress is an open-source content management system allowing users to build websites, create blogs, etc. WordPress allows its users to create websites using both premium themes as well as custom themes. Users have a long list of choices from which they can select which theme to use for their website. One key factor determining whether the client will be selecting a custom or premium theme is the budget and amount of time they can designate for building a website.

Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

And that’s true with the most successful client-agency relationships. Prior to joining forces, the agency was already known for a certain niche—serving a particular type of clientele that benefits from the agency’s specific,
focused expertise.

Agency Audit Insider: Survey Segmentation

Population segmentation often reveals things we didn’t know. For example, there are about 573,000 people aged 100 or more worldwide, roughly 0.007 percent of all people.*

Agency Audit Insider: Survey Strategy

Many in the marketing agency business have heard the trope that “Clients don’t want to pay for strategy.”

Trust in Client-Partner Relationships

Supposedly, Charles H. Duell, commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office in 1899, proposed closing the office because it was no longer needed. That is, the inventions of the time were the end-all—unsurpassable and capable of doing everything ever needed from that point forward. Nothing more could possibly be required nor created.

Is Your WordPress website secure?

According to a report, cybercrimes will cost around $10.5 trillion each year by 2025. You do not want to be a victim. In this blog we will share the strategies you can use to improve your WordPress website’s security.

Bringing Partners Closer to Clients.

Two articles last year in Fast Company underscored a trend in marketing agencies that has become more of a standard. That is, the following stats may not have a lot of shock value:

Is Outsourcing Just Throwing it Over the Wall?

Whatever one might think about outsourcing web development—bottom line—it’s an economic consideration. It relates to the ROI of leveraging staffers properly in the marketing agency business. Specifically, it’s about optimizing annualized gross income. Or, when subtracting hard costs from revenue, making those hard costs smaller.

How an Outsourcing Partner Can Save the Day

2-1/2 minute read highlighting six factors agencies consider when outsourcing web-dev. One doesn’t need to be a Mighty Mouse fan to know the song lyric, “Heeeeere I come to save the day!” Andy Kaufman helped keep it at the forefront when he made it part of his shtick on the inaugural episode of Saturday Night […]

Jack or Jill or Outsourcing?

3-minute read that outlines the various skill sets that come in handy for full-scale DevOps. Here’s a popular figure of speech: A Jack or Jill of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one. Unfortunately, that phrase is usually cut short—right after the first part—and people just say […]

To Scale Up or Stay Lean for DX (Digital Transformation).

3-minute read that outlines why an agency would either staff up or outsource for DX. 80% of companies are undergoing some form of DX.1 80% have failed at some form of DX.2 99.999% of companies have grown extremely weary of sweeping generalizations about DX. Abbreviations, acronyms, and other shorthand jargon in marketing-speak indicate that something […]

Saving Time, Reducing Costs

3-minute read that compares the costs of in-house web dev to the hybrid model of outsourcing. $99,4001 How much? Yep, that much. That’s an average Senior WordPress Developer’s salary…

In-House or Outsource?

WHICH ONE IS BEST FOR YOUR SITE? For CEOs of major corporations to entrepreneurs just getting their start, it’s a question as old as time itself. “Who should tackle my marketing plan?” Okay, maybe this wasn’t as big a concern for cavemen, but then again, someone had to pitch why fire SHOULD be played within certain cases. When […]

The Official Outsourcing Infographic Make the Best of Both Worlds

As professional outsourcers, we felt it was time to offer advice for making the best of any new, or ongoing, outsource relationships with a neat little infographic.

Conversations During Quarantine Outsourcing with R.C in Account Management

As an Account Executive, I have to keep all parties happy and in agreement even when it means juggling multiple teams, strict budgets, and diverse expectations.

Conversations During Quarantine Outsourcing with B.G in Creative Direction

An effective team – outsourced and internal – needs two things above all else: clear communication and mutual trust. As Creative Director, I bridge the two.

Conversation During Quarantine Outsourcing with J.B. in Project Management

An effective team – outsourced and internal – needs two things above all else: clear communication and mutual trust. As Creative Director, I bridge the two.

Conversation During Quarantine Outsourcing with A.K. the Art Director

Whether it’s utilizing your 9-5 or finding the right path with limited resources – art direction is made much easier with some outsourced support.

Hiring New Employees Why Outsourcing Can Be the Answer

Need to hire employees while cutting costs? Outsourcing offers another, more efficient way to handle this common business conundrum.

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

When deciding whether or not outsourcing services are right for you and your team, there are a few key components, good and bad, to keep in mind. Because, not every white label relationship is the same.

Is It Right for Your Business? (Part 2)

A few questions down, just a few more to go. If you missed the first blog on white labeling your digital marketing services and want to read more, head over to part one.

Is It Right for Your Business? (Part 1)

The thing is, if you’re even questioning one of these, you may need to look into bringing on a white label team. But before you panic or decide White Label isn’t for you, let’s break those questions down just a bit more.


History has shown that the best way to make a startup successful may be to outsource some of the work to other companies. But, why?