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Web Development

Vue.Js Development
What Does Vue.Js Mean For You As The End-User, And Why?

9Gag, Behance, and Upwork are some web applications that use the Vue.js framework. Read more to understand how Vue.js make these web apps user-friendly.

Hiring a Web-dev Team

An agency and its team line-up will vary, and there are many wild cards to consider. So here’s a high-altitude overview of what a web-dev team might look like.

Success Story
User Stories; Success Stories

A web-development outsource partner provides marketing agencies with a transparent, variable, pass-along staffing cost. And also frees the agency from the hairball of staff and project management. That’s two nice benefits. Breaking it down in more detail… 01 The agency is only paying wholesale for outsourced development talent, whatever talent it needs, whenever it’s needed… […]

Technical Debt
Staying Out of (Technical) Debt

If there was a website titled, one could obviously visit and see some really nice photos and probably read the name of each species. An electronic brochure… instead of printed on paper, it’s online. That’s one way to handle it. The input data for that website would include the pictures plus the names tied […]

Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist
Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist

Things to Consider Before launching a WordPress Website Ready to launch a brand new website using WordPress? Before that, you might want to consider all the potential issues that can come up. Launching a website can get on your nerves when you get overwhelmed by how massive the project is or miss crucial steps in […]

Website Checkout
Strategies To Optimize Your Website’s Checkout Page

The overall user experience plays an important role in the success of any ecommerce website. But the checkout page is also pivotal. If you are getting splendid website traffic but the sales are staying lower than the usual conversion rate of 3.48% for ecommerce websites, then your checkout page may need attention. It doesn’t mean everyone […]

The secret to WCAG and ADA Site Compliance

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted before modern technology was readily available, its language has changed with the times, so it still applies to today’s innovations. One example of this is that ADA policies apply to “places of public accommodation,” which initially meant destinations such as community parks and municipal sidewalks and certain […]

Scope Of Development
The Scope of Development

From nullifying scope creep to setting up expectations, here are some key things an outsource partner will do when it comes to scope development.

Web Development
Web-Dev Pricing

If an agency outsources its web dev work, they need to know the fixed price of what it is they are getting so they can in turn value price it to the end client.

SaaS Platform Partnerships

A true outsourcing partner will act with a vested interest in mutual success for all parties. Not always on-site at the marketing agency, but part of the team.

Intellectual Property Partners
Intellectual Property Partners

Building Intellectual Property Protection. IP products that will truly find success as commercial tools are those that solve for specific problems.

Pull The Plug Commonly
When to Pull the Plug

At times, marketing agency owners have to pull the plug on their partnerships. Maybe it’s a troublesome vendor… a hard-to-please client… or an undependable employee.

Partners Are Optimal
How Many Web-Dev Partners Are Optimal?

To choose the right partner, one has to consider how the agency is positioned. But what partners would fit the best? And how many could be considered optimal?

Outsourcing Partner
Choosing the Right Outsourcing Partner

The right outsourcing partners should respect the agency business and contribute to profitability with a full appreciation of the dos and don’ts along the way.

Partner Relationships
Trust in Client-Partner Relationships

Trust acts as the main factor to unite all three—client, agency, partner. This unity results in a partnership achieve the next big thing together.

WordPress Web Statistics
WordPress Website in 2022 : Best Practices & Trends

We will talk about some best practices for WordPress website development that will help you build a great website and some key WordPress trends that will shape the future of WordPress development.

The ROI of Questions: Making a Website Project More Lucrative

Outsourcing partners can do both—provide in-depth skills, ask in-depth questions. It’s why marketing agencies use them as trusted resources.

Shopify Ecommerce Store
Why Should You Not Use Shopify for an E-commerce Store?

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce store platforms out there. However, there are some glaring concerns that you need to know before you choose it for your e-commerce venture.

Vue.js framework
All You Want to Know About the Vue.js Framework

Building a robust web application calls for choosing the right platform and technology. Getting off on the right foot ensures optimum app performance and reduced development time. Vue.JS is one of the most sought-after frameworks that caught on pretty early due to its many advantages. And before we get down to understanding the benefits of […]

Outsourcing Partner Save The day
How an Outsourcing Partner Can Save the Day

Saving the day in the marketing agency world often needs a major miracle. Here we highlight 6 scenarios that cause agencies to consider outsourcing web development.

Jack Or Jill Outsourcing
Jack or Jill or Outsourcing?

Which one should you go for? And, Why? Read on as we discuss web development and the various skill sets that come in handy for full-scale DevOps.

Why Use Shopify to Manage My E-commerce Site?

In this blog post, we will discuss why Shopify can be an excellent choice for you if you wish to build and manage your e-commerce store.

Web App vs Website Decoding The Difference
Web App vs. Website: Decoding the Difference

The primary points of difference between websites and web applications are interactivity, integration, and authentication. Let’s understand them one by one.

Project On Time Delivery
How to Plan a Website for On-Time Delivery?

Delivering any complex website project on time requires planning and definition. Check the secrets to keeping Web-Dev schedules on track.

Staying Focused Featured
Staying Focused on Digital Trends vs. Digital To-Dos.

The reason why web dev often gets outsourced is so the marketing agencies can benefit from a partner (who focuses on digital trends, technologies, and best practices) while they focus on taking strategic initiatives and keeping budgets in line.

WordPress Page Builders
How to Use the WordPress Page Builders?

While it’s true that using a page builder, you can build a simple WordPress website. There are still areas where you’ll need assistance of WordPress developers.

Save Time And Save Cost Featured
Saving Time, Reducing Costs

Is outsourcing truly a flexible staffing solution? Here we compare the costs of in-house web development to the hybrid model of outsourcing.